Dance and movement saga


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The Archaeo-Choreology course invites you on a journey through the body, giving

you the tools and resources to explore your kinetic awareness, in relation to the

senses, memory and imagination.


We will ask ourselves, through guided exercises, what urges us to move? To pause,

to breathe, to discover new ways of being in the body as an open-source and stream

of information, fluid systems and gestural symbology.

How many ways of walking are there? How do we create rest, grounding and

relaxation? To play and ritualise, to blur the boundaries of history and speculation

in order to create new personal and collective myths.


Join the mythic quest!



There will be no fixated choreographies: the workshops will give you the tools to

investigate your personal somatic research while enjoying a collective process.

Previous formal dance training is not required, just curiosity and openness.



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