Middle Eastern cuisine



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On 23 October, from 7 to 8:30 pm, Combo in Turin hosts the second Masterclass + Show cooking curated by chef Castellani.

This time, the meeting is dedicated to Mezze, a selection of plates typical of Middle Eastern cuisine. Dating back to the Ottoman era heritage, usually served before the main courses, or organized as a seductive banquet in different shapes and colors, a Mezze platter is such a delightfully sociable way to eat.


Together, we will learn how to cook four Saray cuisine specialties, and then taste them:



Gavurdagi salatasi: harem salad with nuts, pommegrenade and seasonal vegetables with molasses vinegraitte

Babaghannoush: smoked eggplants pate, with tahina sesame sauce

Hummus: bi tahina hummus with a tahina sesame sauce

Kisir:  bulghur amousebouche, tomato concentrate, mint and spices of the bazar served in a lettuce leaf.


After the Masterclass we will be serving dinner on the theme, with a menu fully inspired by the Middle Eastern tradition.





Masterclass: 20 €


Dinner: 35 €





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