Campo Combo Special

In collaboration with Deutscher Pavillon 


Campo dei Gesuiti, Cannaregio, Venezia

On the occasion of the closing party of Deutscher Pavillon Biennale Arte 2019 on October 4th, featured artist Natascha Süder Happelmann invited in Venice a global line-up of adventurous musicians to celebrate inclusivity, respectful thinking and a stronger sense of community.


Combo was proud to be among the local partners who participated to the making of an extended event that included recording sessions (at Corte Supernova), screenings, dj and live sets at different locations.



On October 3rd, the day before the closing party, Campo Combo turned its usual dj night into a one-of-a-kind happening:


three video works related to Natascha Süder Happelmann’s installation “tribute to whistle”, featured in the German Pavilion, were played on loop in the auditorium. Then, as light was slowly coming down, Afro-Portuguese musician and contributor to “tribute to whistle” Dj Marfox opened Campo Combo with a very powerful set followed by Italian electronic musician and Combo’s resident Nicolas Gaunin.


But that’s not all. Nyege Nyege aficionados artists MC Yallah and Jay Mitta, among the headliners of the German Pavilion closing party, unexpectedly took control of Combo’s console and kept the night on fire with an exceptional and improvised performance. To conclude, ethnomusicologist and co-founder of Nyege Nyege Festival Arlen Dilsizian delivered a surprising set filled with rare gems from around the world.


That really was a special night to remember.


On October 4th, Combo Radio broadcasted live the whole closing party at Oficine 800 on the Giudecca Island. Here you can listen back to all the sets. Enjoy!




Debmaster & Mc Yallah


DJ Marfox


Jay Mitta

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