Choduraa Tumat

Live concert


Campo dei Gesuiti, Cannaregio, 4878


We are happy to host Choduraa Tumat at Combo in Venice for a very special concert, Monday 3rd February from 9 pm, free entry.


Some info about the artist:

Choduraa Tumat was born on 17th January 1974, in the Chöön-Khemchik region of Tuva, South Siberia, which is part of the Russian Federation. As a child, she was fond of listening to khoomeiand sygyt throat singing performed by her brothers. In 1998 she founded and became the artistic leader of the all-female throat-singing folk ensemble Tyva Kyzy (‘Daughters of Tuva’). She is now an accomplished performer of many Tuvan throat-singing styles: khoomei,sygyt, kargyraa, ezenggileer and chylandyk. Tumat has been performing since 1998. Besides throat-singing, she sings traditional folk songs, plays doshpuluur (three-stringed lute), igil (two-stringed horse-head fiddle),byzaanchy (four-stringed horse-head fiddle),khomus (Jew’s harps) and chadagan (zither).

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