In collaboration with Batna


There’s a Reception, a Café-Bar and a Restaurant in every Combo. For our staff, we’ve chosen aprons and pouches from Batna Studio. Created in Turin in 2011 by Giulia Nota and Arianna Merlo, Batna Studio specializes in fashion design and bespoke tailoring, shifting to workwear since 2017.

Batna is a young company that in addition to its own research has embraced an ambitious social commitment: to create opportunities in penitentiaries.


This choice has resulted in a unique collection we are very proud of, for three reasons in particular.


First of all, they are colourful.

That was a choice. It’s our identity after all. And when we realized that most of the Batna collection would be produced by hand in the women’s section of Lorusso and Cutugno prison in Turin (in collaboration with Extraliberi), we were even more enthusiastic about the idea of taking some new colour in there, our colours, even if only for a short time.


Secondly, they are all unique pieces. 

That’s how artisans work, of course: the garments are all hand-made. But on top of that, once given the colours and patterns, the women were free to experiment with combining the fabrics as they wished. A square here, a diagonal there: no finished product is the same.


Lastly, they are flexible.

We opted for two solutions: aprons and belt bags. Because if there’s an easier way to do something, we’re all for it. So you can choose to wear a belt bag around your neck or waist instead of an apron, for more freedom of movement and a wider choice of clothing.


From the people who stitched them to the people who use them every day, we love that Batna’s philosophy is part of every Combo.

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