Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 83




Dodo Resurrection is a new performance by Isabella Mongelli, the final act of her residency project at Combo in Milan, Splendor Solis to Dodo Resurrection.

Dodo Resurrection is the last chapter of the Splendor Solis trilogy, a series of performances addressing topics such as global meltdown, colonialism and extinction through the use of eclectic references.


In an atmosphere illuminated by a sinister sun the Dodo – the legendary bird who became extinct in the 17th century – rises again among the ruins of Pompei, and a series of endeavours will lead him to conquer the Golden Fleece so that he will finally fly. Animated by a sense of loss of an original “state of nature” and by an heroicomic spirit, the Dodo will face several metamorphosis and he will try the way of adaptation intended as “the strong fortitude of every strength”. Moving from an unrestrained sense of otherness, Dodo Resurrection reflects on adaptation, mimesis and a new sense of transcendence given by the environment in which we live, a reality which is totally science fiction.




Isabella Mongelli is an Italian performer and visual artist. Interested in simple actions inside complex thematic areas, she has produced different formats of shows and performances. Her debut was in 2010 with IRINA Produktjions, a theatrical and video project; in 2012 she started a long-term project about her home-town, Tàranto (distorted in tarànto), a name-concept that states a human way of life in some special places where life jumps between poisons. The project includes the show my personal tarànto, and the performances lido azzurro, Delegazione Tarànto, and Industrial Grand Tour. In 2014 she was artist in residence in SAC-Pino Pascali Foundation program with the project Offseason in collaboration with the meteorologist V. Laricchia. She has collaborated with Xing, Mattin, Projet in Situ, Cosimo Terlizzi. She is part of IYMA network and her works have been presented in festivals such as Short Theatre, Peraspera, Santarcangelo dei Teatri and Zoom.


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