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The Dancing Followers – Luís Lázaro Matos

Site specific installation


Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 83

29.09.2019 - 31.12.2019

Luís Lázaro Matos presents “The Dancing Followers” – an aquarium-like immersive installation created site-specifically for Combo Milano.

A series of floating sculptures resembling a dancing troupe attempt a free movement.  A mural drawing surrounds the sculptures outlining an ocean scene where shoals of fish transform into phantasmagoric groupings of human eyes. Eyes that swim around and look back into the eyes of the sculptures and viewers too. Dipped in the aquarium-like space, the figures seem to move through a series of gestures and poses that spread in every possible direction.


Luís Lázaro Matos (Évora, PT, 1987).  Electing drawing as his preferred mean of expression, Lázaro Matos creates immersive installations focused on the narration of architectural and social processes, such as urban planning, tourism, technology and communication. Recent exhibitions and projects include: Super Gibraltar, Kunsthalle Lissabon, 2016; SMILE YOU ARE IN SPAIN! STUDIO PART 1, Madragoa, Lisbon, 2017; 10000 anos depois entre Vénus e Marte, Galeria Municipal do Porto, Oporto, 2017; Artist’s Film international, MAAT, Lisbon and Whitechapel Gallery,London, 2017; Tomber Dans le Lac, Madragoa, Lisbon, 2018; White Shark Cafe, Catherine Bastide Projects, Marseille, 2018; Notes on Cosmic Pluralism, 1646, Den Haag, 2019.


The Dancing Followers is presented by Madragoa, Lisbon.


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