The Italian New Wave

4th annual summit


Reggia di Venaria

On Saturday July 13th we paired up with The Italian New Wave for a special event: we followed a bunch of our resident artists performing in the very unique Reggia di Venaria.

Whether you’re feeling unconnected or you’ve missed it out – listen to their live shows below- you’ll never feel alone.


Marta De Pascalis is an Italian musician, currently based in Berlin. She layers synthesizer and tape loops sounds, incorporating free playing into steady, repetitive patterns. She produced two albums of minimal synth excursions, the self-released Quitratue (2014) and Anzar (The Tapeworm, 2016).

Anzar has been played over 10 times on Combo radio.


Paola Lesina is a collage artist and founder of an independent art platform dedicated to sound and performance art. She dives into dub, reggae moving between folk and roots.

Her show Amhara occurs every other Sunday on Combo radio.


Artetetra is a young Italian collective / tape label. Its founders Luigi and Matteo have also started a pantropical project, called Babau: library music’s fashion-like exoticism and equatorial psychedelia change its forms and make space to new speculative explorations in between metaphysical Hip-Hop, aleatory microriddims and cerebral dancehall.

Their show Future Pidgin occurs every other Friday on Combo radio.


L I M is the solo project of Sofia Gallotti: musician, singer and former half of Iori’s Eyes. Made along with producer and now long-time collaborator Riva, her debut EP Comet (2016) has been widely praised and was followed in 2018 by a second EP titled Higher Living, out on La Tempesta International and Factory Flaws.


Alessio Capovilla is an Italian composer part of music label Gang of Ducks who works under the moniker of XIII. As XIII, he performed Inverso, a quadriphonic sonic landscape and light installation designed for the gardens of Reggia di Venaria. Inverso will be part of the garden’s permanent soundscapes, along with Brian Eno and Matmos.

Alessio Capovilla is part of Combo radio’s team.


Nicolas Gaunin is an Italian electronic musician from Padua. In his work, he shows his ability to find the right balance between mechanized polyrhythms and acoustic samples, drawing his personal sketches of tribal ensembles and central Africa’s orchestras, reworking the sounds and messing up with rhythms.

Nicolas Gaunin appeared twice on Combo under Artetetra label’s show Future Pidgin.


Sabla is a project born and raised in Turin, devotedly committed to the study of hypnotic sounds and polyrhythmics. He is part of Gang Of Ducks, a collective which takes care of music releases, editorial issues and art projects.

Sabla appeared under Gang of Ducks’s Centro delfino radio show.


Thank you to The Italian New Wave for a perfect match.

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