Greater than
the sum of its parts

Combo is composed of a lot of things.
Combo is a poem with many stanzas.
Combo is the expectation on your first night in town.
Combo is an experimental radio station streaming in the lobby.
Combo is an artist-in-residency that just asked for your opinion.
Combo is a place to get a little bit of work done, before you meet up with an old friend.
Combo is a point on your map, which keeps expanding.
Combo is grazie mille.
Combo is the preservation of historic buildings.
Combo is the song you found.
Combo is both having a good reason to go out, and a good reason to stay in.
Combo is having difficulty saying goodbye.

In short, Combo is a bar, a restaurant, a radio station, an art gallery, a music venue, a hostel, a garden, a view, a perspective... Combo is, well, a combination of things, but by the end of your stay, one thing will be certain: Combo is greater than the sum of its parts.

Combo is
now in Turin.