Combo: a mix of flavors, culture, and shared experiences

Combo is more than just a hostel: it is a dynamic space that celebrates the arts and shared cultures.
It seamlessly combines the roles of a bar, a kitchen, a radio station, an event venue, and a cultural space. However, Combo goes beyond these labels, serving as a haven for curious individuals to explore, create, and revel in the joy of sharing.

A hub of creativity

At Combo, creativity knows no boundaries. We host a vibrant array of music events, radio selections, inspiring residencies, engaging workshops, and unexpected site-specific installations, all open to the public. Through these diverse initiatives, Combo brings together like-minded people in an environment where they can live, feel, learn, and create. It is a place where unexpected encounters and collaborations can flourish.

Reimagined Spaces

Combo locations are not mere buildings; they are regenerated spaces that have been transformed through outstanding design and contemporary architecture. We believe in breathing new life into these reclaimed spaces, making them vibrant centers for everyone in the heart of the city. Whether you are a resident attending our events, a digital nomad seeking a workspace in any city, or a traveler looking for a unique stay, Combo warmly welcomes you.

Creating a community

Combo strives to create hubs of interest, gathering points that bring together different parts of the community. Our spaces serve as meeting grounds for residents, digital nomads who can work from any city and travelers seeking an immersive experience. Combo embraces diversity and encourages interaction, fostering a sense of belonging and shared exploration.

A Place of Discovery and Celebration

Combo is a place where discovery awaits at every corner. It is a space that encourages exploration, where individuals can stumble upon new art forms, cultural expressions, and unique perspectives. We celebrate the joy of sharing, where experiences and stories intertwine, leaving a lasting imprint on all who venture through our doors.

Join us at Combo and become part of a vibrant community that thrives on artistic expression, cultural exchange, and shared moments of wonder.

Step into a world where art, music, and connections flourish, and where the unexpected becomes the norm. Experience Combo, where every visit promises something extraordinary.

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